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Friend of Vinning College of Theology Akure

The friends of the College (FAVICTA) is a body of likeminded, spirit filled individuals who have come together to support the Board of Governors and the Dean of the College in transforming the Institution to that of an International repute capable of developing the spiritual and intellectual capacities of clergies and laities to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Aims and Objectives of FAVICTA

The aim/objective of the friends is to be committed to the realization of the great commission as given to us in Matthew 28:19, ‘Go ye therefore and teach all nations’ …. .

This is actualized by:-

  • Supporting evangelism through the training of Clergies;
  • Helping to recruit new members/friends to support the mission;
  • Providing helpful advice and support services to the management of the college and the college;
  • Giving a token as financial support through dues (N500/month or N6,000/annum per member) and periodic levies/contributions as the situation warrants;
  • .Adopting projects; or training of one or more priest by paying their annual tuition of N5,000 each for privately sponsored priests;
  • Adopting a project or chair as the Lord lays it upon our hearts.


  • To produce graduates who are committed ‘and dedicated to the realization of the great commission;
  • To provide an open forum where students freely and critically study the word of God as entrenched in the rich heritage of Anglicanism;
  • To see the college turn out clergies to whom every souls matters.


  • Create a conducive environment for learning within the college, with well-equipped facilities and well developed infrastructure that will meet the need of a 21st century learning institution;
  • Provide a resource base to support an aggressive development of the college infrastructure and the spiritual empowerment of the postulates;
  • Increase the support pool for college activities and fund development;Enhance the capacity of the postulants to be Christ like in their care, concern and commitment to the well-being of the congregants.

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