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College Mission to Kwara Diocese

The 2016 edition of Vining College Mission was a potpourri of experiences: ranging from real touch with the suffering of the poor people of this world to exquisite comfort at some quarters, the students had stories to tell on their return from the 10 day mission to the Diocese of Kwara.

Receiving the postulants and members of the team ministry, The Rt Revd Dr. Segun Adeyemi, admonished the team to make do with what was available as the commonest comforts that could be available to them were not readily in place. He also appreciated the
college for coming to his diocese.

The missionary journey thus began on the 22nd May, 2016. On arrival at the host diocese, the postulants alongside members of the team ministry were sent to various parishes within the diocese. At the crack of each dawn for the ten days, they made for homes and work places within the communities where they were to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The outing of the servants of the Lord was greeted with warm reception and salvation of souls in various areas while the reverse was the case in some areas.

Speaking on how his mentality and perception of life changed after the mission, Ord. Okolie Davidson, shared on how his contact with a people who seemed cut off from the world, yet full of contentment and immense joy, convinced him that all there is to life is beyond what the human eyes can see.

In a lot of the communities visited, the people lacked very basic needs of life. Corroborating this standpoint, Rev. Canon Salako, a member of the team ministry, also shared how the most basic need of accommodation was a challenge in the area where he served.

In the wake of these experiences and challenges, the college community and especially the students, have woken up to the reality of the enormous work still undone: the task of reaching out to the lost souls of this world. Indeed, the harvest is plentiful, but the
labourers are few.

The challenge as well extends to the generality of the Christian community to come in and help in evangelizing the world for Jesus. Many areas of corporate evangelism beyond meeting the spiritual needs of the people are begging for attention. Will you let
the Lord use you to save a soul in the college’s
next mission?

Pokyes Kavwam
AVCTA, Public Relations Unit

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